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Jeff Cohen


Jeff Cohen is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to networking.  This guy not only knows everyone, but makes everyone feel like they are just as important as the next guy.  I’ll never forget about 4 years ago hearing that there was a songwriter’s night out at Wildwood Resort and Marina in little old Granville, TN apparently, “kind of like the Bluebird Cafe, but they’re calling it, ‘Newbird on the Water’.  I thought, “Surely not.”.  I finally made it to one of those and listened to Jeff sing hit after hit that I recognized and that HE wrote!  I’ll admit, I was a bit star struck.  Four years later, Jeff is my friend and mentor.  Every time we talk, I come away encouraged and motivated to keep at it.  

As a songwriter myself, I have such a deep appreciation for the creator behind the music we hear on the radio, on tv shows and movies, commercials, and so many other places.  


The creator “behind” the music…What IS “behind” music?  We listen to music constantly - we all have our favorite playlists, we turn up the radio when our favorite song comes on, we are moved by the scene in a movie or by a touching commercial I dare say as much by the music that supports it as the scenes themselves.  So, how does that all come to be?  How do you sell that catchy tune you just wrote, you know, the one that seemed to fall from the sky as you wrote it and you just know is going to get “picked up” by someone?  Or how about that heartbreak love ballad you wrote after your last breakup?  You can just hear Carrie Underwood belting it out on her next record, bringing so many people to tears as they drive down the highway, radio turned up.  


Taking a song from conception to money in the bank is a bit of a monster.  At first.  But people like Jeff have been at it for quite some time and are truly experts at this. 

Turning art into dollars is a delicate matter but it can be done.  And there’s a whole lot that happens behind the scenes before all those lovely tunes reach our ears.


I think a 6 Time BMI Award winning, Grammy Nominated Songwriter/Producer/Publisher whose songs have appeared on over 20 million albums sold, over 100 placements in TV/Film and over 10 million video games, definitely can give us a tip or two on how to monetize our songs.   


Our guest on July 25th is a connector of people and opportunity, and success follows him wherever he goes.  But it’s not always been easy.  Jeff has had his ups 

and downs in this business just like everyone else.  I’ll never forget being on a phone call with him not too long ago discussing how much we both loved this industry but also how hard it is to make progress sometimes.  He said, “You know Jill, everyone falls.  What matters is how you pick yourself back up and try again.”  That’s the kind of person Jeff Cohen is.  He’s talented, kind, and humble, and I’m honored to call him my friend.  As I said about our last guest, I’ll say about Jeff - he’s just the nicest guy.  I think there is definitely something to that when it comes to this industry.  Actually, all industries, right?  Being nice removes so many barriers when it comes to growing your business.  And artists, you are business owners.


Spread the word and don’t miss this incredible opportunity to meet Jeff and pepper him with questions.  He’s certainly used to that being friends with me.  Sorry Jeff.  ;)  

See y’all Monday, July 25th at 6:30 pm at Photo Art Gallery on Spring St. in Cookeville. 

Don't forget to click the BLUE BUTTON to sign up to play your own original music for us!


And remember, as Socrates said, “know thyself” and then leeeeeeean in.  

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