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Bradford Loomis




When it rains it pours.  At least in Seattle.  Bradford Loomis is no stranger to the storms of life.  

After facing family loss, his wife's major health diagnosis, and a tanking economy, Bradford Loomis and his family decided to go all in and make the move to Nashville to pursue a career in music.  He has a story to tell, as we all do, and he really sets the stage for the rest of.  

"We are uniquely wired for narrative. It’s how we pass on our history, impart our wisdom and build connections with each other,” he says, “we see ourselves in the stories of others. We can put ourselves in their shoes and have empathy.”


Drawing from the storytelling of Bruce Springsteen, Iron and Wine and Jason Isbell, and pairing it with the soulful delivery of Chris Stapleton, Marc Broussard and Shawn James, Bradford has created a unique style he calls Rhythm & Roots. Grit and melody marry roots and soul.

Playing 355 shows in two years, while also releasing a Christmas EP (Wintering Heart) and a live album (Live at the Red Clay Foundry), has taken him far and wide in his travels and given him some insights. “I feel strongly the duality of the artist. On one hand, I am compelled to speak about what I see and have experienced. But, I also feel the pull to speak about how things could be.” he says. “In my experience there is so much more that we agree about than what divides us. I think people sometimes just need help seeing hope.”

“In my travels, I’ve met a lot of people going through hard times,” he reflects, “I want them to know they’re not alone. We’re in this thing together.”

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