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“It’s that one tree that grows different from the rest that captures our attention.  In a world full of wanna-be’s, legends are made from people who understand their identity and boldly and un-apologetically lean into it.

Leaning Tree Agency is a believer in you.  The real, authentic, amazing you.  We want to build a relationship with you, be your most trusted support and guide, and help grow you into someone that makes the world take notice."

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Hey everyone!  Jill here.  I'm a single mother of 5 amazing human beings, a serial entrepreneur, a lover of the human experience, a believer and practicer of truth, love, and respect for myself and others, and a lifelong learner.  I encourage you to join me in maxing out this incredible life we've been given by leaning in every single day!  Humbly and boldly, and forever in gratitude - Jill


“Insightful. Passionate. Service. Those are the key things I think of when I think of Jill. Working with her to secure talent for our events has always been a pleasure because she simply gets it. And gets it done.”

Mike McCloud 

MMA Creative, CEO of World Food Championships

“Jill at Leaning Tree has taken so much of the guesswork out of the musical entertainment side of our business. She provides us with consistently quality performers that have universally been hits with our guests at the resort. Jill has taken the time to get to know us personally and she really understands and delivers on the vibe we are seeking. We're thrilled with her initiative and her responsiveness to us when it comes to bringing us the best that local music has to offer.”

John and Natasha Deane

Owners of Wildwood Resort and Marina

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